How to upload models and pre-rendered works (en)

3DCGARTS makes it possible that share your 3D computer graphics work (model file and pre render file) on the Web.

Uploading sequence

Choose "Submit polygonal model" or "Submit pre-rendered model (image)".

Submit polygonal model

  1. Prepare polygon file and texture file(s)
    • Sum of file size must be less than 50.00 MB
    • Supported polygon file formats: here
    • Supported texture file formats: here
  2. Choose uploading method from "Upload each file" and "Upload compressed (zip) file".
    • About the structure of compressed (zip) file: here
  1. Upload file
  2. Configure default viewpoint, background, rights, and so on
    • Configuration of viewer: here
  1. Set icon image of your work
    • In order to publish, you have to set the icon
  1. Publish

Submit pre-rendered model (images)

  1. Prepare upload images as pre-rendered model
    • Sum of file size must be less than 30.00MB
    • You can choose image file format from: GIF, JPEG, and PNG
      1. Upload files from "Uploading" page
      2. Input work information
      3. Publish


Fail to upload

You can upload compressed zip file which includes polygon file and texture file(s). You have to keep the sum of file size less than 50.00 MB.
And, you have to put ONLY ONE MODEL FILE in the compressed file. When you contain two more files, it will be cause of error.

If you cannot upload by the above steps, please take a momemt (around one day) for your submit. If you cannot upload after that, please send a message from inquiry form.

Texture information will disappear

Take care texture file name. If the file name contains full size characters and/or spaces, it will be a cause of error.
And please edit the path of texture files to relative path from absolute path.

  • An example of absolute path:
C:¥Documents and Settings¥3dcgarts¥My Documents¥texture.jpg
  • An example of relative path:

The structure which contains directories (folders)

The structure which contains directories (folders), It will be a cause of error. So, try to gather all files in root of zip file.

If cannot resolve your problem by the above steps

If you cannot resolev your problem by the above steps, there are possibilities that your submission contains un-supported file or representation.
Please push the following button '投稿作品が正しく表示されないことを報告する' in your work's page.

Structure of ZIP file

Please keep following structure in your zip file.

  • Gather model file and textures file(s) in a zip file.
    • You can put directory (folder) in your zip file. But, if the same files are put in the different directories (folder), it will be a cause of error.
    • Put only one model file in a zip file.

Range of publication of your work

You can choose scope from three types of range.

  • Public
    • Everyone can appreciate your work. Your work will appear on the top page of 3DCGART.
  • Restriction
    • The peoples who know the URL of sharing can appreciate your work. Your work won't appear on the top page of 3DCGARTS.
  • Private
    • Everyone cannot appreciate your work except you.

Configuration of range of publication

After signed in, open the "Manage" page. Then you can set range of publication respectively.

Re-use permission (Creative Commons License)

If you permit re-use, the createve commonse license will apply to your work.
You have to choose a condition from the follwing list: