Gudeline (en)

This guideline shows that must comply in order to use the 3DCGARTS is described.
Using the 3DCGARTS, user has to agree with this guideli and the terms of use.
The work which violates this guideline and the terms of use will be a target of deletion.

The work contains sexual and bizarre representations

The 3DCGARTS restricts and manages the work which contain sexual and bizarre representations.
When user set age restriction to the work, user has to show that the work contains such representations clearly.

Prohibition actions

We prhibit actions are described in the term of use, and shown in the following :

  1. Act of infringement of intellectual property such as rights copyright, design rights. Or act that may infringe.
  2. Act of slander or unfairly discriminatory, and conducive to unfair discrimination to a third party, or damage to the credit or honor that.
  3. Prohibited actionss include but are not limited to law, or ordinance.
  4. Any other activities sickening when a third party viewed.

Effective Date: 27th, Sept., 2011